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Kezzycat! was set up in 2010 by Kezia Burrows & Catherine Morris, the idea first came to creation however back in 1998 whilst studying at 6th form college together.With the help of talented professional friends & Colleagues Kezzycat improvised / devised  & filmed a handful of mockumentaries, in their usual dark comic style. A flavour of which you can view here.

Army & Beaten


Dir. Craig Spencley & team, Kezzycat

Cast : Kezia Burrows, Catherine Morris

Cath & Gem, Seaside


Dir. Christian Bradshaw, Kezzycat

Cast: Kezia Burrows & Catherine Morris


Spoof Commercial

Dir. Christian Bradshaw & Craig Spencley, Woofy Prod./ Kezzycat

Cast : Kezia Burrows, Catherine Morris

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