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Venice Preserved, Arcola Theatre

' Kezia Burrows moves from the nobility of Portia through the pursasive power of Lady Macbeth to the fragility of Ophelia ' - The Stage, Gerald Berkowitz


' Philip Ardittis' presence and professionalism are well matched by Kezia burrows, who plays a psychologically credible wronged wife and daughter ' -

Hackney Gazette, Charlotte Smith


A Provincial life, National Theatre of Wales

' The technically accomplished Kezia burrows was quite astoundingly moving as Anyuta, the undeclared, oh-so-might-have-been childhood sweetheart.....'

Cambria, The National magazine of Wales, Norma Lord


' ....but is outshone by the composed radiance of Kezia Burrows as Anyuta ' -

The Artdesk, Alexandra Coghlan


Measure For Measure, Sherman Theatre

' Isabella is a novice nun, a very attractive novice nun. In her costume, half nun and half ravishing beauty Kezia Burrows gives us a ravishing performance. ' -

Theatre in Wales, Michael Kelligan


'Kezia Burrows beautifully played Isabella, a novice nun, whose habit had a cut out panel to reveal lace and barely concealed underwear, showing how even those who devote their life to chastity can be objects of desire. ' -

NTW Community


' Kezia Burrows, Terrific as Isabella, the young nun who will not trade her chastity for her brothers life ' -

The Guardian, Elisabeth Mahoney


' Isabella ( Kezia Burrows ) is a strong female lead ' -

Westend geek


' The female view point is a focal point as Isabella ( Kezia Burrows ) first comes across as the innocent following Angelo's indecent proposition but soon manipulates the immoral deputy ' -

Morning Star, Kristie May

Merchant Of Venice, Creation Theatre Company

' Powerful performances by Kezia Burrows as Portia and Antony Eden as Bassanio ' -

Oxford review


' Sassy Kezia burrows, glittering with bling, plays a girly but strong Portia ' -

Oxford Review


The culture is chav - Kezia Burrows’ Portia and Amanda Haberland’s Nerissa, in designer shades, tiny shorts and tight leggings and dripping with bling,easily out do footballers’ wives.' -


'Portia ( Kezia Burrows ) and Bassanio ( Antony Eden ) made a great onstage pair ' - 

Daily Info, Theatre review

After The End, Dirty Protest

' Burrows is a major talent. She walks the tightrope between Louise's relative normality and her increasing sense of desperation with aplomb, in the process allowing us to buy into what is a fairly improbable storyline ' -

Wales Art Review, Dylan Moore


'  They are Brought to life by profoundly commited performances by Gryffydd glyn and kezia burrows ' - 

British Theatre Guide, Othneil Smith


' It's production full of gripping tension that's brilliantly acted by both Burrows & Glyn' -, Michael Took


Treasure Island, PFT

' Playing the young Jim Hawkins is the brilliant Kezia Burrows. she has been splendid this season and is perfectly convincing as a lad. ' -

Highland Perthshire News


' There are particularly heroic turns from Kezia Burrows and Hywel Morgan as the two Jims '-

Heralds Scotland


' .....and the extent to which young Jim - beautifully played by Kezia Burrows, with Hywel Morgan watching and reflecting as the older Jim - is shocked and traumatised by his recognition that on the high seas there is no easy distinction between good and bad guys, law-givers and law-breakers. ' -

The Scotsman


' ...Young Jim mis brought to life with enthusiastic innocence by Kezia Burrows. She isn't Jemima Hawkins mind - the character stays male. ' -

Reviews, Timothy Ramsden


A Man For All Seasons, PFT

in terms of performances, it's those who, like Kezia Burrows as More's headstrong daughter, prefer more understated methods of support, come out of it with dignity intact in a regal affair ' -

Herald Scotland


good support from Kezia Burrows as his daughter. ' -

The Stage, Peter Cargill


Kezia Burrows plays More’s clever and adored daughter, Margaret, with grace and charm. ' -



' Kezia Burrows demonstrates the strength of a father - daughter bond '

The courier, Joy Watters




To kill A Mockingbird, PFT

' Kezia Burrows' outstanding portrayal of Mayella Ewell, the young woman who falsly cries rape, was unforgettable. A pathetic figure in a filthy dress. more to be pitied than condemned, she was intensely and heartbreakingly played ' -

The Mail on Sunday, Georgina brown


' This year’s winner of Best Supporting Actress was Kezia Burrows for her portrayal of ‘Mayella Ewell’ in To Kill A Mockingbird...Kezia, who is originally from South Wales, was making her Scottish debut. '



'...his daughter Mayella Ewell ( splendid Kezia burrows )....'

Kathleen Reid



Remember Me, Computer game

' Kezia burrows shines as the leading lady Nilin, portraying a believable heroine for us to identify with, offering a pleasing Welsh accent that suits her nicely' -


' Kezia Burrows's performance is everything you could ask for in a strong female lead '-


' Kezia Burrows' vocal performance as Nilin is superb : unashamed to feel fear, yet strong in the face of uncertainty.' -

GMA newsonline, Matthew Arcilla


' Superb voice acting from Kezia Burrows animates Nilin with a likeable resilience ' -

Grand Zero


' Kezia Burrows ( the voice actress of Nilin ) is the standout performance. Convincingly portraying this lost woman questioning herself every step of the way, at once vunerable and sympathetic but she also brings strength to the role as she begins to reassert herself' -


' The voice overs are great, especially of Nilin which is played by Kezia Burrows ' -


' Kezia Burrows does a wonderful job voicing Nilin and the inbetween monologues that she has are really top notch and kept one very interested in finding out more about the character ' -


' Kezia Burrows also does an excellent job voicing Nilin, really bringing her alive as a likeable, memorable lead character ' -




And Then Were None, N0.1 UK Tour

' The star of the show was undoubtedly the delectable Welsh actress, Kezia Burrows, a splash of flouncing colour, hyped-up to perfection, offsetting the drabby-chic set & stuffy caricatures of 1930s Britain.'

Mumble Theatre. Net Damo Bullen


' Kezia Burrows is superb as the seductive secretary Vera Claythorne, her glamorous persona slowly descends throughout the play to reveal a nervous and paranoid young woman, she achieves this character development flawlessly '

Sincerely Amy


' Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne shone, first portraying her character as a feckless flirt and evolving into a troubled young woman with a dark secret. '

Yorkshire Magazine - Pauline Cooper


' Stand out is Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne - showing off Roberto Surace's costumes to full advantage - whose energy and timing is excellent. Her chemistry with Ben Nealon, in his regular role as the charmer with a past, provides much of the central frisson of this show. ' 

UK Theatre Network Jon Cuthbertson


' Bring on the gorgeous Kezia Burrows as the deliciously delectable secretary Vera Claythorne and pretty much everyone is catered for.......Kezia Burrows pretty much steals the show with her fabulous delivery and equally fabulous costumes. '


' The element that sets this production apart from others is that every one of the cast, without exception, displays excellent character acting skills and makes their role totally believable.Thirties youth, glamour and passion comes from Kezia Burrows '

Leeds Guide, Liz Coggins


' There were some top class performances from a host of familiar faces notably...and Kezia Burrows as secretary Vera Claythorne, who was probably the darkest horse of them all. '

Lauren Ballinger, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner



'..with Kezia Burrows and Ben Nealon acting up a spirited storm as the night’s last two survivors, this is a Hallowe’en thriller that offers some food for thought, as well as its share of hair-raising moments.'

Joyce MacMillan


' this is a marvellous cast, led by Nicholas, all of whom gave excellent performances; the standouts for me were Paul as Sir Lawrence Walgrave, Eric Carte as General Mackenzie and Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne. '

Charlie Cavaye East Coast FM


'..and stunning Kezia Burrows, who is perfectly ensemble as secretary Vera Claythorne.'

Daily Record, Vivienne Aitken


' Hearts were set racing in the Wyvern with the entrance of the stunning Vera Claythorne  (Kezia Burrows) for dinner before a recorded message is played which will change the course of the evening...Not forgetting the aforementioned Kezia Burrows who ensured eyes never left the stage. '

Flic Swindon


' Kezia Burrows is deliciously flirty as the hysterical Vera Claythorne.'

ENTERTAINMENT focus Samuel Payne


' Ben Nealon as loveablecad Philip Lombard and Kezia Burrows as the stunning but sinister secretary, Vera Claythorne, putting in particularly impressive performances '

Cambridge News Lydia Fallon


' ..while Kezia Burrows carries the role of femme fatale Vera Claythorne very well. She comes across sassy but scared, without ever relying on damsel-in-distress cliché. '

TVBOMB Robert James Peacock


' Kezia Burrows leaves a lasting impression as Vera Claythorne - the young, pretty, butter-wouldn’t-melt secretary. Could she possibly be a killer? ' 

peterborough telegraph - Brad Barnes




Crash, BBC / Red Planet

' The stunning Neath-born, RADA-trained actress wowed viewers as young doctor Cath in BBC hospital drama Crash. ' -

Wales online, karen Price


Observation, NoCode Studio

“the cast of characters are voiced solidly as a whole, but the leads are truly the standouts. kezia burrows’ believable and emotive performance as emma fisher contrasts beautifully with the voice of sam - anthony howell’s performance is deeply (and purposefully) reminiscent of 2001’s h.a.l - and i found myself triggering extra voice lines just to hear interactions between them.”



The voice acting of Kezia Burrows makes Emma the character she is, especially because the wooden, emotionless character model doesn’t do the character any favors.



Claustrophobic, but the visual homogeneity of white station modules and sparse computer interfaces is interrupted by some spectacular spacewalk views and compelling monologues from Emma (played by Kezia Burrows). The plasticky human faces make me wish that this small developer had access to the state-of-the-art performance capture that renders the characters in games like Until Dawn and The Last of Us so realistic, but the strength of the performance carries it.

The Guardian


Then there’s Dr. Emma Fisher (voiced by Kezia Burrows), who carries the entire game. Observation’s understated humour makes it easier than you’d expect to care about the fate of an AI, but this is Emma’s story above all, and I felt her every panicked inhalation and relieved sigh as if it were my own.

There’s a naturalistic imperfectness to Emma’s dialogue and performance. The result of her speaking as much to herself as she is to SAM, oscillating between allowing herself to forget and realising again that, technically, she’s completely alone.



Voice acting from all parties is superb, especially Kezia Burrows as Emma, which compensates for the slightly shonkier lip syncing and dead-eyed stares of the character models. The claustrophobia of the indoor space lends even more urgency to situations which require speedier movement, though this is usually a facade — such as when a fire breaks out on the station at the very beginning.



The dust has settled after this weekends BAFTA Scotland awards, and we’re delighted to say we walked away with the mask for this years Best Game category!

In the flurry of the moment, Jon forgot to mention, like, everyone in his speech. So we’d like to take a quick moment to thank:

  • Our wonderful cast, especially Kezia Burrows and Anthony Howell, for bringing the game to life and creating two unforgettable performances - you guys made the drama shine

NoCode ( Bafta thanks )


The voice acting in Observation is spectacular, thanks in no small part to Kezia Burrows. Was it easy to get her on board after working with her for the role of Amanda Ripley?

“I met Kez on the mocap shoots of Alien, and she’s incredible. We kept in touch ever since, just on social and things like that. We hadn’t yet cast Emma in the game and at one point needed some quick dialogue for an internal demo. I messaged her and asked if she had any spare time to do a few lines of dialogue remotely to help us out and she was happy to. She delivered the audio to us and I was blown away – the answer to who should be Emma was right in front of me the whole time, it was perfect! So I called her up and asked if she’d be interested in taking it on and thankfully she was.”

How was it working with Kezia? A few friends of mine in the acting industry tell me she’s a delight. But as a Director, I’d love to know how your working relationship with her was.

“She is indeed a delight to work with; easy going, talented, willing to improvise. We had her come up to Glasgow for a few days for some mocap and a main read through, then did a lot of reshoots and alternate versions as the story or game objectives would evolve through development. She had her own studio setup so was able to work remotely, and in a way she kind of became part of the dev team. We’d have some bugs where what Emma said in the script, and what the objective of the game/puzzle was, were mismatched. I’d send her some new lines and Kez would rattle off the replacements and get them to us really quickly. It was all very fluid.

KeenGamer interview with Jon McKellan


Emma is voiced by Kezia Burrows who with a strong performance brings the project to life as the only human interaction you have. It’s a nuanced performance that goes on a journey, but I just really wished the team at No Code had more money for motion-capture. Although Emma does look decent, a much more eloquently animated mocap performance would have really done Burrow’s performance more justice and added the cherry on the top of this thrilling stories cake. 

Explosion Network


Eerie sound design and a stellar performance from Kezia Burrows as Fisher immerse players in a game that often feels like a found-footage horror film, where forced perspectives generate a fear of what's lurking in off-camera nooks and crannies.

Irish News


Many people involved with Alien: Isolation were also involved with the development of Observation, including character artists Jack Perry and Ranulf Busby, concept artist Stefano Tsai, writer Will Porter, and the voice-over talents of Anthony Howell and Kezia Burrows; Keiza having provided the voice for Amanda Ripley in Alien: Isolation. However, those expecting a survival-horror type of game will be sorely mistaken (like I admittedly was). While there are certainly elements of the survival-horror genre, Observation is above all else a tense adventure-puzzle game and sci-fi thriller that fans of either genre will be sure to enjoy.

The Gamer


'.....a tightly written, well-acted story kept me engaged. Given that much of Observation is a two-character play (and that SAM is only slightly more emotive than the old Microsoft tool he shares a name with), much of the game’s emotional punch rides on Kezia Burrows’ performance as Emma. And, given that roughly 70 percent of Emma’s lines are commands for SAM, the fact that Burrows has brought a memorable character to life is impressive.'

Bloody Disgusting


Kezia Burrow’s performance of Emma is highly emotive giving the sense of desperation and panic while also trying to remain calm and focused. It’s a shame the facial expressions mentioned earlier, didn’t carry her great vocal performance because it would have been the cherry on top if it had.

DarkWorld Gamng


Kezia Burrows turns in a superb performance as Emma, and Anthony Howell evokes both the cold silicon and eerie humanity of HAL in his portrayal of SAM, with just a hint of his candid approach to the Weyland Yutani android Samuels. The sound design and score complement the performances beautifully; the sound effects are understated and at times muffled, smartly portraying the deadening nature of outer space, while the music starts with a bang during the wonderfully creepy opening credits and sustains a sense of unease and tension for the remainder of the game.

Gaming Nexus


Doctor Emma Fisher (voiced impressively by Kezia Burrows of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) manages to get you back online via voice authentication to assist. You are SAM (Anthony Howell, star of Call of Cthulhu), the station’s System Administration & Maintenance unit, and it is your job to fix the current problem – and as it turns out, many more to come. From here on in you receive instructions mostly from Emma, plus a couple others later in the game.

Adventure Gamers


Credit also to Kezia Burrows, who also voiced Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation. As Emma, her performance lashes the whole thing together, stoic and pragmatic in the face of each new disaster, but with just enough panic and uncertainty under the surface to sell you on the idea that she’s a real person facing an impossible situation.



 '.....its core triumph lies right there. I must have dealt with hundreds of videogame fires, but few have elicited the same urgency. That’s partly thanks to a stellar performance from lead actor Kezia Burrows as Emma, gifted with an uncanny ability to sell ‘panicked dealing with shit going wrong in space’. More important, though, is your relation to her. Your role defines your desperation, your empathy. It’s brilliant, really. You’re a caretaker, incapable of care.

Rock Paper


While S.A.M may be a fascinating means to new styles of gameplay, Emma Fisher remains the human connecting to the overarching narrative. Kezia Burrows (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Alien: Isolation) delivers a tremendous performance as Fisher, imbuing her with a balanced sense of fragility and strength in the face of unprecedented adversity.

Burrows’ chemistry with co-star and voice of S.A.M, Anthony Howell (Vampyr, Anthem) is crucial to the plot and the two play off each other brilliantly.  

Burrows and Howell succeed, at least in part, thanks to the tight script work by writer Jon McKellen. Observation is keenly human in its delivery of very in-human subject matter, a great strength which the third act struggles to keep in focus. As events proceed to the climax, Fisher’s characterisation is altered in ways which serve the plot.

Power-Up Gaming


Sound-wise it builds the mood and tension — plus there is a stellar intro song thanks to Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck.  Voice acting is outstanding across the board, with Kezia Burrows and Anthony Howell stealing the show as Emma and S.A.M (although developer Jon McKellan puts in a good shift as well).

Codec Moments


I always find it interesting to think about what gives and obviously fake character depth and ultimately a believable existence, but I think it's a combination of writing and performance that really nails them home. I rarely look up voice actors in games, but I have to highlight the brilliant job that Kezia Burrows did voicing Emma Fisher in Observation. Additionally, Jon McKellan for writing such an exciting and compelling science fiction story that involved some very real characterisation.



And it was really good, like Anthony I'd written with him in mind, because his voice is perfect and he's incredible, does everything like the one-take wonder. So it was really easy to work with Anthony, he'd just done his thing so well. Whereas with Emma it was this entirely new thing, and so working with Kez, having known her really well, it made it much easier. She could kind of feed into that and change dialogue on the fly and we'd kind of work over stuff and, yeah, that made a huge difference, working with someone you already knew and could trust that way. And then I took on a role as Jim, and Kez was a huge help in bringing that out of me and making me a bit more confident about it all, and again made it quite fun and interesting to do because we were working together on something. It felt very indie, but productive. We were getting good results out of it, so it was kind of a nice setup."

Game Reactor


This is even more disappointing due to the absolutely stellar voice acting from Kezia Burrows, the voice behind Emma Fisher. It would just have been great for the human faces to have a bit more life behind their eyes, especially when the player character is an AI who only really interacts with other machines.

The Digital Fix


if there's a better VO performance this year than Kezia Burrows' as Emma.

Ultimate Gaming Junkie

Observation’s voice acting is well done and the scenes strike all the right chords in terms of emotion. From SAM’s monotone droning and self discovery to Emma’s frustrations and confusion, each part is acted out very well for a narrative driven game. Dr. Emma Fisher is played by Kezia Burrows who played Nilin Cartier-Wells in Remember Me; SAM was played by Anthony Howell who recently voiced Dr. Johnathan Reid in Vampyr (See our Vampyr review here!). Both actors also worked together in Alien Isolation and have a great synergy together in Observation.



The Welshman already has experience in character interpretation since she has played Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation, Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and now plays a great role as the doctor who is giving us the orders. We embody SAM The artificial intelligence of a ship that is drifting, has suffered damage and is stained with a black viscous substance of unknown origin.

Analysis Observation 


The acting in the game is very good too, and mention must be made of Anthony Howell’s voice acting for SAM, where he absolutely nails the dispassionate AI aesthetic, and Kezia Burrows (Dr Fisher) who does a great job of portraying a young woman trying to remain calm and professional in extraordinary circumstances.


'... Kezia Burrows's interpretation as Emma Fisher is very convincing. We can have a sense of "deja vu", since it is the same actress who played the role of Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation and will also have a role in Squadron 42 of Star Citizen , but leaving aside the anecdotes, we have to value that it is a more complex job, in which he speaks to the player as if it were a machine. The bad thing - and it should be noted - is that the game is in English with texts in English, and understanding what they tell us is crucial to advance.

Hobby Consalas


As the artificial intelligence of the LOSS space station, you have a lot to do with astronaut Emma and communication with her has been implemented in a very lifelike manner. You often have the feeling that you are talking to a real person and that naturally contributes to the mood. By the way: Emma Fisher is spoken by Kezia Burrows, the same person who gave Amanda Ripley her voice in "Alien: Isolation". And so the circle closes.

Metal Planet, ( translation )


'...The visual homogeneity of white station modules and sparse computer interfaces is interrupted by some spectacular spacewalk views and compelling monologues from Emma (played by Kezia Burrows). The plasticky human faces make me wish that this small developer had access to the state-of-the-art performance capture that renders the characters in games like Until Dawn and The Last of Us so realistic, but the strength of the performance carries it.

News Groove


'...the situation changes when it comes to how it says rather than what Emma says. Because Kezia Burrows voicing Amanda Ripley in Alien: Isolation is simply amazing here. '



Emma is voiced by Kezia Burrows who with a strong performance brings the project to life as the only human interaction you have. It’s a nuanced performance that goes on a journey, but I just really wished the team at No Code had more money for motion-capture. Although Emma does look decent, a much more eloquently animated mocap performance would have really done Burrow’s performance more justice and added the cherry on the top of this thrilling stories cake. 



The vocal talents of Kezia Burrows and Anthony Howell (Amanda Ripley and Samuels) were used for Emma Fisher and SAM respectively. Other roles, including character artists, story supervisors and game designers from Alien: Isolation were also involved in Observation's development in some capacity, so it stands to reason that the game has a very similar feel.

Jack Parkinson


To understand your character though, you first need to understand Emma. Kezia Burrows, who plays Emma, is excellent. Within the game’s first ten minutes, Burrows ensures that Emma is a realistic, sympathetic character. Over the course of the game, you get to accompany her as she fights for survival and grows ever more desperate. Burrows’ performance sets up one half of an intriguing story. What, the developers ask you, is it like to experience the man versus machine story from the other side?

Press to couch


We want to thank the incredible cast, especially the truly amazing Kezia Burrows and Anthony Howell. Anthony delivered every line with perfection, and brought SAMs evolving consciousness to life. Kezia pretty much became part of our team, working regularly with us as we wrote and rewrote, made changes and evolved the character throughout the games development. She is not only a tremendous acting talent, but also a good friend of the team and someone we want to work with on pretty much everything and anything we do. Directors find actors they like and work on multiple films together, and we’ve found Kez. Llongyfarchiadau! From Isolation to Observation, and onwards!

NOCODE Studio website Thanks after BAFTA ' BEST BRITISH GAME ' win at BAFTA GAME AWARDS 2020

Consequently, that makes it all the more impressive when a game is able to create and maintain dramatic tension: the script and delivery in Observationare both of excellent quality. Kezia Burrows and Anthony Howell do most of the heavy lifting, but there is no dead weight amongst the members of the cast, all of whom do fantastic jobs.


“During the five or so hours I spent playing through all of No Code’s narrative puzzle game Observation,” the reviewer wrote. “I became really invested in the game’s compelling story. Due to excellent voice acting and gripping storytelling, I was always excited to find out what would happen next.”

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