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Venice Preserved, Arcola Theatre

' Kezia Burrows moves from the nobility of Portia through the pursasive power of Lady Macbeth to the fragility of Ophelia ' - The Stage, Gerald Berkowitz


' Philip Ardittis' presence and professionalism are well matched by Kezia burrows, who plays a psychologically credible wronged wife and daughter ' -

Hackney Gazette, Charlotte Smith


A Provincial life, National Theatre of Wales

' The technically accomplished Kezia burrows was quite astoundingly moving as Anyuta, the undeclared, oh-so-might-have-been childhood sweetheart.....'

Cambria, The National magazine of Wales, Norma Lord


' ....but is outshone by the composed radiance of Kezia Burrows as Anyuta ' -

The Artdesk, Alexandra Coghlan


Measure For Measure, Sherman Theatre

' Isabella is a novice nun, a very attractive novice nun. In her costume, half nun and half ravishing beauty Kezia Burrows gives us a ravishing performance. ' -

Theatre in Wales, Michael Kelligan


'Kezia Burrows beautifully played Isabella, a novice nun, whose habit had a cut out panel to reveal lace and barely concealed underwear, showing how even those who devote their life to chastity can be objects of desire. ' -

NTW Community


' Kezia Burrows, Terrific as Isabella, the young nun who will not trade her chastity for her brothers life ' -

The Guardian, Elisabeth Mahoney


' Isabella ( Kezia Burrows ) is a strong female lead ' -

Westend geek


' The female view point is a focal point as Isabella ( Kezia Burrows ) first comes across as the innocent following Angelo's indecent proposition but soon manipulates the immoral deputy ' -

Morning Star, Kristie May

Merchant Of Venice, Creation Theatre Company

' Powerful performances by Kezia Burrows as Portia and Antony Eden as Bassanio ' -

Oxford review


' Sassy Kezia burrows, glittering with bling, plays a girly but strong Portia ' -

Oxford Review


The culture is chav - Kezia Burrows’ Portia and Amanda Haberland’s Nerissa, in designer shades, tiny shorts and tight leggings and dripping with bling,easily out do footballers’ wives.' -


'Portia ( Kezia Burrows ) and Bassanio ( Antony Eden ) made a great onstage pair ' - 

Daily Info, Theatre review

After The End, Dirty Protest

' Burrows is a major talent. She walks the tightrope between Louise's relative normality and her increasing sense of desperation with aplomb, in the process allowing us to buy into what is a fairly improbable storyline ' -

Wales Art Review, Dylan Moore


'  They are Brought to life by profoundly commited performances by Gryffydd glyn and kezia burrows ' - 

British Theatre Guide, Othneil Smith


' It's production full of gripping tension that's brilliantly acted by both Burrows & Glyn' -, Michael Took


Treasure Island, PFT

' Playing the young Jim Hawkins is the brilliant Kezia Burrows. she has been splendid this season and is perfectly convincing as a lad. ' -

Highland Perthshire News


' There are particularly heroic turns from Kezia Burrows and Hywel Morgan as the two Jims '-

Heralds Scotland


' .....and the extent to which young Jim - beautifully played by Kezia Burrows, with Hywel Morgan watching and reflecting as the older Jim - is shocked and traumatised by his recognition that on the high seas there is no easy distinction between good and bad guys, law-givers and law-breakers. ' -

The Scotsman


' ...Young Jim mis brought to life with enthusiastic innocence by Kezia Burrows. She isn't Jemima Hawkins mind - the character stays male. ' -

Reviews, Timothy Ramsden


A Man For All Seasons, PFT

in terms of performances, it's those who, like Kezia Burrows as More's headstrong daughter, prefer more understated methods of support, come out of it with dignity intact in a regal affair ' -

Herald Scotland


good support from Kezia Burrows as his daughter. ' -

The Stage, Peter Cargill


Kezia Burrows plays More’s clever and adored daughter, Margaret, with grace and charm. ' -



' Kezia Burrows demonstrates the strength of a father - daughter bond '

The courier, Joy Watters




To kill A Mockingbird, PFT

' Kezia Burrows' outstanding portrayal of Mayella Ewell, the young woman who falsly cries rape, was unforgettable. A pathetic figure in a filthy dress. more to be pitied than condemned, she was intensely and heartbreakingly played ' -

The Mail on Sunday, Georgina brown


' This year’s winner of Best Supporting Actress was Kezia Burrows for her portrayal of ‘Mayella Ewell’ in To Kill A Mockingbird...Kezia, who is originally from South Wales, was making her Scottish debut. '



'...his daughter Mayella Ewell ( splendid Kezia burrows )....'

Kathleen Reid



Remember Me, Computer game

' Kezia burrows shines as the leading lady Nilin, portraying a believable heroine for us to identify with, offering a pleasing Welsh accent that suits her nicely' -


' Kezia Burrows's performance is everything you could ask for in a strong female lead '-


' Kezia Burrows' vocal performance as Nilin is superb : unashamed to feel fear, yet strong in the face of uncertainty.' -

GMA newsonline, Matthew Arcilla


' Superb voice acting from Kezia Burrows animates Nilin with a likeable resilience ' -

Grand Zero


' Kezia Burrows ( the voice actress of Nilin ) is the standout performance. Convincingly portraying this lost woman questioning herself every step of the way, at once vunerable and sympathetic but she also brings strength to the role as she begins to reassert herself' -


' The voice overs are great, especially of Nilin which is played by Kezia Burrows ' -


' Kezia Burrows does a wonderful job voicing Nilin and the inbetween monologues that she has are really top notch and kept one very interested in finding out more about the character ' -


' Kezia Burrows also does an excellent job voicing Nilin, really bringing her alive as a likeable, memorable lead character ' -




Crash, BBC / Red Planet

' The stunning Neath-born, RADA-trained actress wowed viewers as young doctor Cath in BBC hospital drama Crash. ' -

Wales online, karen Price





And Then Were None, N0.1 UK Tour

' The star of the show was undoubtedly the delectable Welsh actress, Kezia Burrows, a splash of flouncing colour, hyped-up to perfection, offsetting the drabby-chic set & stuffy caricatures of 1930s Britain.'

Mumble Theatre. Net Damo Bullen


' Kezia Burrows is superb as the seductive secretary Vera Claythorne, her glamorous persona slowly descends throughout the play to reveal a nervous and paranoid young woman, she achieves this character development flawlessly '

Sincerely Amy


' Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne shone, first portraying her character as a feckless flirt and evolving into a troubled young woman with a dark secret. '

Yorkshire Magazine - Pauline Cooper


' Stand out is Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne - showing off Roberto Surace's costumes to full advantage - whose energy and timing is excellent. Her chemistry with Ben Nealon, in his regular role as the charmer with a past, provides much of the central frisson of this show. ' 

UK Theatre Network Jon Cuthbertson


' Bring on the gorgeous Kezia Burrows as the deliciously delectable secretary Vera Claythorne and pretty much everyone is catered for.......Kezia Burrows pretty much steals the show with her fabulous delivery and equally fabulous costumes. '


' The element that sets this production apart from others is that every one of the cast, without exception, displays excellent character acting skills and makes their role totally believable.Thirties youth, glamour and passion comes from Kezia Burrows '

Leeds Guide, Liz Coggins


' There were some top class performances from a host of familiar faces notably...and Kezia Burrows as secretary Vera Claythorne, who was probably the darkest horse of them all. '

Lauren Ballinger, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner



'..with Kezia Burrows and Ben Nealon acting up a spirited storm as the night’s last two survivors, this is a Hallowe’en thriller that offers some food for thought, as well as its share of hair-raising moments.'

Joyce MacMillan


' this is a marvellous cast, led by Nicholas, all of whom gave excellent performances; the standouts for me were Paul as Sir Lawrence Walgrave, Eric Carte as General Mackenzie and Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne. '

Charlie Cavaye East Coast FM


'..and stunning Kezia Burrows, who is perfectly ensemble as secretary Vera Claythorne.'

Daily Record, Vivienne Aitken


' Hearts were set racing in the Wyvern with the entrance of the stunning Vera Claythorne  (Kezia Burrows) for dinner before a recorded message is played which will change the course of the evening...Not forgetting the aforementioned Kezia Burrows who ensured eyes never left the stage. '

Flic Swindon


' Kezia Burrows is deliciously flirty as the hysterical Vera Claythorne.'

ENTERTAINMENT focus Samuel Payne


' Ben Nealon as loveablecad Philip Lombard and Kezia Burrows as the stunning but sinister secretary, Vera Claythorne, putting in particularly impressive performances '

Cambridge News Lydia Fallon


' ..while Kezia Burrows carries the role of femme fatale Vera Claythorne very well. She comes across sassy but scared, without ever relying on damsel-in-distress cliché. '

TVBOMB Robert James Peacock


' Kezia Burrows leaves a lasting impression as Vera Claythorne - the young, pretty, butter-wouldn’t-melt secretary. Could she possibly be a killer? ' 

peterborough telegraph - Brad Barnes




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