The Capgras Tide

Psychological Thriller

Dir. Adam Hutchings, Hutch Productions

Principles: Brendan Patricks ( Downton Abbey ), Kezia burrows, 

Awards :

Anchorage International Film Festival – ‘Official selection’ 

Raindance Film Festiva –‘Official selection’

Atlanta Film Festival – ‘Official selection’ 

Big Muddy Film Festival – ‘Runner up’ 

Essex Film Festival – ‘Runner up’ 


Horror / Thriller

Dir. Nick Francis, Casual Films

Cast : Kezia Burrows, Russell Barnet


With These Hands

Psycholgical Thriller / Horror

Dir. Joseph Morgan, Room 16 productions

Principle Cast: Matt Ryan ( Constantine )  

Joseph Morgan ( Vampire Diaries ), Kezia Burrows.



Dir. Eitan Arrusi (REVERB, BURN: CYCLE, LONG TIME DEAD) and producer is Michael Elliott of Emu Films (JAWBONE, THE GOOB and CATCH ME DADDY).

Principle Cast: Kezia Burrows, Darren Morfitt ( Star Wars, Dog Soldiers ),  Caroline Ford ( Once Upon A Time, Lake Placid ), Glenn Spears ( Misfits, Doctor Who )

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