Kezia trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, is a BAFTA member & an Open Door People buddy.

She has recently been nominated for Best Lead Actress in the feature film Nobody Girl at the North Europe international Film festival : London Edition


Computer game OBSERVATION, where Kezia voices lead Dr Emma Fisher, won BAFTA's ' Best British Game 2020BAFTA Scotland's ' Best Game' 


Kezia played series regular Glenys Griffiths in BBC's The Snow Spider, along side Matthew Gravelle & Melanie Walters, which aired March 2020.

She's also worked with, amongst others, Peter Gill on his play A Provincial life with National Theatre of Wales,

 In an all-star cast, including Gary Oldman & Mark Hamill, for video Game Squadron 42 / Star Citizen.​ 

& Tony Jordan as a lead in his BBC TV series CRASH 


Working in Motion & Performance Capture since 2009 Kezia is highly qualified in this field.

Since 2017 she has had a professional home voice over studio & has a number of computer games out and soon to be released.



* various work NDA'd so not disclosed.

* Best viewed on desktop. Please peruse this Industry website for more on Kezia's work.



The Snow Spider

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Squadron 42 /

Star Citizen

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Nobody Girl


Feature Film

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Telephone : 020 7462 9060

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