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Kezia trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts , is a BAFTA member.


HALLMARK Movie ' MYSTERY ISLAND ' is out on September 29th where Kezia plays Baroness Jane Alcott a lead character.

 BBC DRAMA ' WOLF '  where she plays Veronica has just finished on BBC now available on 

 FINAL FANTASY 16 was released on the 21st July 2023, Kezia provides her voice for additional characters & performance capture for Jill and Benedikta.

                                                                  Kezia stars in                              a CG short film made in the Unreal engine                                                    

released earlier in the year

Earlier in 2022 ELDEN RING, in which Kezia Voices Sourceress Sellen 

 HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST , DESTINY 2 & FORZA 5 in which she performed Motion Capture, have also been released.

Feature film ' PROTEIN ', in which Kezia plays Katrina will be released later this year.

In May '21 She won ' Best Lead Actress in a feature ' for Nobody Girl at the North Europe international Film festival : London Edition


Computer game OBSERVATION, where Kezia voices lead Dr Emma Fisher, won BAFTA's ' Best British Game 2020BAFTA Scotland's ' Best Game' 


Kezia played series regular Glenys Griffiths in BBC's The Snow Spider, along side Matthew Gravelle & Melanie Walters, which aired March 2020.

She's also worked with, amongst others, Peter Gill on his play A Provincial life with National Theatre of Wales,

 In an all-star cast, including Gary Oldman & Mark Hamill, for video Game Squadron 42 / Star Citizen.​ 

& Tony Jordan as a lead in his BBC TV series CRASH 


Kezia has extensive credits in gaming, being a stalwart in Motion Capture, Performance Capture & Voice Over since 2009,adding consulting and directing games to her CV .

On 2nd June Performing for Motion Capture: A Guide for Practitioners ' book in which Kezia contributes is available

pre-order here, she also lectures on this art form so the next cohort understand and appreciate this medium, you can reach out on LinkedIn


She has a professional home voice over studio & has a number more computer games out and soon to be released.



* various work NDA'd so not disclosed.

* Best viewed on desktop. Please peruse this Industry website for more on Kezia's work.

Recent News

Computer Game
HALLMARK'S : Mystery Island
Feature Film
CG Short Film
AAA Computer Game
Voice, likeness, performance Capture
Feature Film
Elden Ring
Computer Game
Horizon Forbidden West
Computer Game
Can I Help
Short Film
John Carter Warlord of Mars
Computer Game
Kavita & Theresa
Feature Film
Star Citizen / Squadron 42
Computer Game


Voice Reel with Cinematics


Talent Agency

InterTalent Rights Group


Agent : Ashley Vallance

email :


Telephone : 020 7462 9060

       1st Floor, Malvern House, 15-16 Nassau St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7AB


Voice Over Agency

Just Voices Agency


Telephone : 0208 0655358

Website :

Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham St, Vauxhall, London SE11 5JH



     Alternatively press                   send a direct message

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